IP digital cell door
Essential information

System function characteristic:

1.1.1 management center machine

The call, call records, unlock records query query

The elevator machine monitoring machine, manual switch monitor wall

The alarm information, alarm display

The address setting, tone setting, system information, system restore

We obtain weather information

1.1.2 unit door host

The management of call center

We call households

The password lock

The IC card lock

I photographed the visitor

The case of household extension is busy, start voice message function

1.1.3 indoor extension

The elevator machine and machine - building wall monitoring households, according to the switching switch between different ladder machine and fence machine

The elevator machine to achieve the call answering, can realize video intercom and lock function

The direct call management center, for intercom, emergency situations can directly press the alarm button alarm

Input number you can call any other cell users, for a call

The chronological record of recent memory calls, including calls, missed calls and dialed calls, each call is convenient

It can be set at home, home mode, night mode

It is set to disarm mode

The users of these four models is set to change the area

We set the password and disarm hostage code

The chronological order list recent alarm records, all the information (including family a message, guestbook, personal information and community bulletin), family and visitors of the message, to view delete etc., residential property to send personal information and community bulletin, view delete etc.

You can view photos of visitors

1.1.4 villa host and two times to confirm the host

Right click the call management center, ask for help or unlock

The left button call households, the owners can see two times to confirm the video

We can choose the IC card lock module

1.1.5 single card access control host

The IC card lock

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