Household intelligent fingerprint lock market demand increased year by year
Household intelligent fingerprint lock market demand increased year by year
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Family install door lock the door, I believe that most consumers would choose the traditional mechanical lock. But as intelligent household products heat waves kept coming, intelligent fingerprint lock as an important part of smart home, also get faster development in the wave. Reported that zhuhai is installed on the market at present, intelligent fingerprint lock demand increased year by year, the market expanding, there are a few high-grade building dish, luxury villa started according to different user needs to install intelligent fingerprint lock.

Advantages of safe and convenient is intelligent fingerprint lock

The author understands in the city of household market, most consumer is buying will still choose mechanical lock door lock, mall or street hardware store put the locks also is given priority to with mechanical lock, rarely see intelligent fingerprint lock, and dealers in inner city specializes in intelligent fingerprint lock is not much.

Intelligent fingerprint lock demand mainly in the high-end consumer groups, such as villa, high-end residential building owners and people to the life quality requirements higher, they has a high requirement on the details, intelligent fingerprint lock appearance and performance just point to their demand, products mainly import and domestic brands. As people in the pursuit of quality of life, living environment for security condition of attention, and the development of smart home, more and more people will choose intelligent fingerprint lock.

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