Security understand the heart, intelligent electronic lock which brand is more reliable?
Security understand the heart, intelligent electronic lock which brand is more reliable?
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Bought house to decorate, house decoration is how all right, what is the door to Ann a lock? As after 80, we asked the lock should not only look beautiful, fashion, and security guard to family peace. Think out don't have to worry about forgot to take the key again, again don't have to worry about the old man, child safety in the home to work, nanny go change a lock without the rush again... So, intelligent electronic lock is definitely the best choice. Just, intelligent electronic lock brands so much now, whether to choose which one? Today small make up will lead you to understand understand electronic auto-brain lock. First, we come to know a few common electronic auto-brain lock.

Common smart electronic lock on the market

1, the button type intelligent electronic locks: the keyboard (or combination of buttons) enter unlock code, easy to operate. Internal control circuit often USES electronic lock application-specific integrated circuit ASIC.

2, dial intelligent electronic locks: adopt mechanical dial switch input unlock password. Many button type electronic lock can be converted into dial electronic lock.

3, the electronic key type intelligent electronic locks: use electronic key input (or as) unlock password. Electronic key is constitute an important part of the control circuit. Electronic key can be composed of components or the components unit circuit composition, make small handheld unit form. Electronic key and main control circuit of contact can be a variety of forms such as sound, light, electromagnetic.

4, touch intelligent electronic locks: using the method of touch enter unlock code, easy to operate. Relative to the key switch, touch switch have long service life, low cost, thus optimizing the electronic lock control circuit.

5, the biological characteristics of type intelligent electronic locks: will sound, fingerprints as a password, the biological characteristics, such as pattern recognition by computer control lock, intelligent is quite high.

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