Yao da security intelligent electronic lock system comprehensively strengthen provides an extra laye
Yao da security intelligent electronic lock system comprehensively strengthen provides an extra laye
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Intelligent electronic lock provides an extra layer of protection

Companies tend to store the important data and employee property office equipment, such as storage of sensitive data of notebook computer, or highly confidential materials. The existing store content ark can be installed electronic auto-brain lock, let these items can be safely stored in the cabinet. Without the intelligent electronic lock certification, others will be no way to open the locker. In addition, if the intelligent electronic locks are integrated into the existing security system network, the managers can be anywhere, anytime in any location within the facility for a visit, and according to the changes of the company to add or remove user intelligent electronic lock certification, convenient for enterprise employees and can ensure the security of property.

Intelligent electronic locks to reduce medical security risks

Medical industry regulators formulated the regulations and rules, such as the United States established the health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA) rules, such as restrictions on medical institutions of facilities management personnel must be installed security solutions to prevent hacking and information leakage risk, protect the patient history information, and other important data. Installed electronic auto-brain lock can protect at the patients' medical records stored in the machine cabinets and expensive medicine/supplies. In many people in and out of the medical environment, can prevent the patient history information leakage risk. In the distribution of drug delivery portable or stored on ark, can also be installed to take small intelligent electronic locks, such as small mechanical and electrical sliding bolt, which can ensure the patient can distribute the right drugs and drug is taken by others. In addition, these intelligent intelligent electronic locks can provide access to report and track record.

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