How to choose the highest ratio of intelligent electronic locks
How to choose the highest ratio of intelligent electronic locks
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Because of intelligent electronic lock more and more get the favour of consumers and the hotel, and as consumers are more should know some intelligent electronic locks the choose and buy of common sense is so love and lock ford today teach everyone how to choose and intelligent electronic lock!

1, locks card or key CARDS to sensitive. Repeatedly continuous card or induction key card to open the door should be run normally, should not have "no response" or "wrong", "motor around" phenomenon. It is not easy to investigate the lock information, clock chaos, as long as the check of the intelligent electronic lock performance is stable, the so-called additional functions do not necessarily have the actual effect. Should choose its own error correction function circuit of door lock. If choose the immature products may not be able to use or maintenance work is very big. Love and blessings microcomputer chip control, intelligent electronic lock circuit circuit bringing information error correction function, make the circuit more stable processing information, induction door lock with double clock correction error rate is extremely low, induction door lock using wireless data collector for door maintenance, open the door to record data is extremely convenient.

2, choose intelligent electronic lock induction Carmen lock first checks its static power induction sensitivity to understand again after induction door lock, because the general induction door lock is a battery-powered, understand the static power of induction door lock is very important, now some brands of induction door lock four batteries can use more than one year in a row, some brands in less than a month in the battery. Frequent battery changes will seriously affect the use.

3, when choosing card intelligent electronic lock locks should know the door lock card read head whether factory self-developed card read its own encryption algorithm, and using the general magnetic read head on the market. If use general card read write CARDS, others can use the general reader cannot achieve confidential copy CARDS and effects. Love and new ford IC card and magnetic card door lock, the guest CARDS with a magnetic card, administrator and maintenance information by IC card, magnetic card read head card module has its own encryption algorithm.


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